Fastsigns prints & ships X-back banner stands (aka X-banners) across the United States. These X-back banner stands are the most affordable all-in-one banner stand display option we offer, with all the durability & portability you need for an easy-to-set-up collapsible banner display. The hooks at each corner make mounting any graphic banner with grommets super simple, allowing for quick message changes.

Our X-banner stand holds a banner 27in x 62.25in so it can be seen easily without getting in the way. FastSigns prints all of our banner stand banners on 9.5oz anti-curl woven banner material so your banner looks professional every time it is set up.

Design & Order Online Today

When ordering your X-back banner stand, first decide whether or not you need a complete kit (with printed banner & stand hardware), or either a new banner or new stand separately. A new stand can be used with any banner sized 27in x 62.25in with corner grommets. If you order a complete kit or banner graphic only - we will add the grommets for you.

Select your production time frame & delivery options. Sign Up’s standard production phase is 3 days, but we can rush your order (see production question pop-up for more info). Our system will also estimate shipping costs on your order before it is finalized.

Designing your perfect graphic banner is easy with our online Designer Studio. You can start with one of our design templates or from scratch and go completely custom. Sign Up even offers professional graphic design help if you’d like us to design the banner for you. If you already have your design file ready, simply upload your artwork and we’ll take it from there!

X-Banner Stand Assembly & Components

  • X-frame: 4 flexible hooked arms fit inside a central connector to create the X-frame
  • Rear leg: attaches to the X-frame connector to hold the frame & banner upright
  • Grommeted banner: allows the 4 hooked arms to attach to the grommets
  • Carrying case: easily fits all of the above components for compact travel

To assemble your X-back banner stand:

  • Start by inserting the non-hooked ends of the 4 arms into the slots of the central connector
  • Add the rear support leg (the larger metal pole with a bend in it) in the slot of the connector - with the short side of the support leg meeting the connector. See images for example
  • Attach the banner by inserting the 2 top arm hooks into the banner’s top grommets.
  • Stretch the banner gently down to the 2 bottom arm hooks & attach via remaining grommets

*NOTE - this X-back banner stand uses tension to keep your banner flat. The hook arms will bend slightly to create this tension. Be careful not to overstress the hook arms, and release the tension gently when disassembling

X-Back Banner Stands in Lawrence, KS

Wherever you are located in the United States, FastSigns will print & ship professional X-banners to you in time for your next trade show or exhibit. We are a nationally competitive printer in terms of capability & price. That said, we still have plenty of local partners near our hometown of Lawrence Kansas that often stop by the office themselves to pick up their banners. If you’re located in Lawrence, Topeka, Kansas City, or surrounding areas - FastSigns can offer the best of both worlds!

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