Promote your business anytime you are driving to your next job, or just around town, with a vehicle magnet! Lawrence Sign Up’s vehicle magnets provide a beautiful branding experience less permanent than a sticker or full vehicle wrap - perfect if you only want to be branded some of the time, or need flexible messaging.

We digitally print your design in full-color on our high-quality .030in thick magnetic material. Our standard car magnet is 12in x 20in, but we also offer larger truck magnets & custom-sized magnets. These vehicle magnets are paint-safe, wind-tested, durable - and will stay securely attached to your car while driving.

Proper Use of Car & Truck Magnets

There are a few things you can do to make sure your new car magnet stays securely attached and stays looking good longer:


  • If you need to flatten your magnet after shipping - simply apply it to a flat magnetic surface like a refrigerator
  • Always make sure both the vehicle surface & the magnet itself are clean and dry before applying. Applying a magnet to a dirty car can prevent proper sticking & potentially damage your vehicle’s paint if debris is trapped.
  • Place the magnet on the side or rear door of your car/truck/van where the surface is completely metal & as smooth as possible. The flatter the surface, the better the magnet will adhere
  • Do not place your magnetic sign over any trim, molding, emblems, door handles, or ridges.
  • If you need to re-position the magnet, gently remove it completely and re-attach it. Trying to pull/drag the magnet while it is stuck can stretch and damage your vehicle magnet.

While vehicle magnet is attached

  • Cold weather can make magnets stiff - be extra sure they are adhering correctly when temperatures drop.
  • Remove your magnetic car sign before going through a car wash or other times of high wear & tear.
  • Frequently remove & clean your magnet & car surface to make sure the magnet says firmly attached.


  • A wet paper towel should be enough to clean your car magnet in most cases - but mild cleaners like Windex can help.
  • Be careful not to fold or bend your car magnet during cleaning or removal.
  • Dry your car magnet after cleaning.

Storage when not in use

  • Store car magnets flat.
  • Do not store multiple car magnets with the magnetic sides touching.
  • Keep car magnets cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight when possible.

With proper care, you can expect your car magnet to last at least a few years and continue looking great and staying attached to your car in most conditions.

Custom Car Magnets in Lawrence, KS

FastSigns offers printing & shipping of vehicle magnets across the United States, and we offer Rush production and high quantity orders to meet your needs. We also have a full Designer Studio online you can use to create your custom car magnet design in minutes online!

Despite our national capabilities, our local partners in Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City continue to view us as their friendly local sign store. If you are located in the Lawrence-area, you can call us & pick up your custom magnets in person. If you’re located across the county, we’ll bring the customer service of a local shop to you!

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